TNG? Does it work?

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sun Jul 2 22:59:02 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Eilhard <holger at> writes:

    Holger> were I 'started' yesterday, hmm, today :) Some things
    Holger> changed, but I cannot seem to get it working on win2k, on
    Holger> 98 everythings' working fine.

I believe that domain logons in current CVS are broken.  Try getting a
CVS tree with the tag SAMBA_TNG_2_5_GOOD; this version has worked
pretty well for NT domain logins.  Password changing doesn't work in
SAMBA_TNG_2_5_GOOD, however.

Window 98 is "working" for you because the Windows 9x line uses a
different and older set of protocols for domain logon than the ones NT
uses.  98 uses SMB calls, while NT uses DEC/RPC calls to a different
port.  The fact that your Windows 98 box works does not indicate that
TNG's new domain controller functionality is working.  The only way to
test TNG is using a Win2K or NT box, preferably an NT box because 2000
interacts with NT domains differently.



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