TNG? Does it work?

Holger Eilhard holger at
Sun Jul 2 21:28:53 GMT 2000


> Hello... I'm sure this question has been answered, quite extensively, but
> the mailing list archive is down and I'm just baffled.  I've used CVS to
> pull latest TNG sources, compiled, and installed it.  But I can't
> get it to
> work at all.
> I use smbpasswd to add my account (I have encrypt passwords = yes) and set
> security to 'user', but everytime I try to connect from my Windows 2000
> Professional box, I can't.. the log file says my password doesn't
> match.  I
> also can't connect with smbclient, using the account.  Same error.
> What could I possibly be doing wrong?  I migrated my smb.conf from 2.0.7
> (which works perfectly).
> About the only thing I can do is after creating 'root' with
> smbpasswd, I can
> use samedit to connect and do SOME things, but not very much.
> Any help would be appreciated.  :-)

Try Thats
were I 'started' yesterday, hmm, today :) Some things changed, but I cannot
seem to get it working on win2k, on 98 everythings' working fine.

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