TNG? Does it work?

Paul J Collins pjdc at
Sun Jul 2 23:56:43 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Holger" == Holger Eilhard <holger at> writes:

    Holger> Doesn't really matter... :) My main point is that I can
    Holger> get Samba working under 9x and 2000, and preferably later

9x should not present a problem, except for issues with the storage of
profiles (which are client issues, I believe).

    Holger> on with LDAP support (yeah, currently I'm on the LDAP Trip
    Holger> ;) ).

The LDAP schema for Samba was in flux the last I heard about it.

Windows 2000 is less likely to work with TNG than NT4.  Note that
Samba 2.0.7 will work fully with Win2k clients as a standalone server,
but not a PDC; 2.0.7's PDC support is in any incomplete and set to be

    Holger> I don't have NT available here anymore. I get some calls

That is a bummer.  I don't believe that Windows 2000 Professional is
much of a net gain over NT in an NT4 domain environment.

    Holger> on the Linux box on port 445 (IIRC, could also be 449 or
    Holger> so). I looked up in my /etc/services and wasn't able to
    Holger> get any information on this port. Anyone please tell me
    Holger> what this port is user for?

Port 445/449 (I don't remember which, but probably 445) is the port
that NT/Win2K use with DCE/RPC for domain authentication.


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