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> > Now, in the free/open source domain, you would have to run and Imap
> > daemon, a POP daemon, an Ldap server, possible samba (for 
> > shared folders),
> > and some other calendar daemon (don't know of any off hand) 
> > to get close
> > to the functionality of exchange.

For a calendaring system, you can try Netscape Calendar (is it iPlanet
now?), which is a rebadged version of Corporate Software & Technologies'
CorporateTime. It runs on at least Linux, Windows and several unices.
We use CorporateTime rather than Netscape Calendar. Netscape are
dropping/have dropped calendar support anyway, I believe.

Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu> wrote:
> Perhaps a year from now there will be a good solution for this, but it's
> very alpha code right now.  You can get most of the pieces separately, but
> nothing bound together.

That's the UNIX way. Small pieces that do the job that can be used together.
The Microsoft way is bloated, monolithic beasts that try to do everything,
and succeed in doing very little, and poorly. :)
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