Howto quickly migrate from NT PDC to a samba PDC?

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Apr 19 06:25:56 GMT 2000

[Nelson N. Escravana]
> I have a win NT4.0/SP4 PDC and want to migrate to a samba2.0 Linux
> Redhat6.1 PDC. How do i do this as less painfull as possible to the
> WinNT workstations, Win2000 workstations,win95 and win98's clients???

Forget it.  Unless you are willing to experiment with the Samba-TNG
branch of code (i.e. NOT 2.0.x), you will not be able to do this.
Samba 2.0.x has very limited domain controller support for NT (reported
to work for many people, but missing a lot of features), and NONE for
Win2000 (even in NT4 compatibility mode).  This isn't at all likely to
change, either (in 2.0.x).


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