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Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Tue Apr 18 23:45:43 GMT 2000

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> On Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Michael G. Hudgell wrote:
> > Completely off-topic I know, but does anyone know if there 
> is a product for
> > UNIX which would act as a cheap drop-in replacement for an 
> Exchange Server?
> > 
> nothing... if what you want is an exchange server.  My guess 
> is microsoft
> has closely guarded the rpc's they use for communication 
> between outlook
> and exchange.  
> But, if what you want is a product equivalent: mail, share folders,
> calendars, server side agents, global address (ldap), etc., then Lotus
> Notes is a solid competitor.  It runs on various *ix's (Aix, Linux??,
> HPUX, Solaris) and NT.  Whereas exchange only runs on NT.  
> With win2000
> you see a complete marraige of exchange and the active 
> directory.  So, as
> far as commercial products go, Notes about the only thing I 
> can think of
> that is a real competitor.  (Novell groupwise also has many of these
> features but its death is that is runs on netware... not Unix 
> -- at least
> last time I checked)

I hate to do this on the Samba list, but Groupwise runs at least on NT as
well as Netware, and I seem to remember Unix counterparts.  I'll have to
check....Yep, Novell's page says something about it running on Unix,
probably not Linux.  If you put things together, I think that
Netscape/iPlanet has all of the features, just not as tightly integrated.
You should also check out HP's "OpenMail" which is a drop in replacement for
Exchange, and runs at least on Linux, probably HP-UX as well.  

> Now, in the free/open source domain, you would have to run and Imap
> daemon, a POP daemon, an Ldap server, possible samba (for 
> shared folders),
> and some other calendar daemon (don't know of any off hand) 
> to get close
> to the functionality of exchange.

Perhaps a year from now there will be a good solution for this, but it's
very alpha code right now.  You can get most of the pieces separately, but
nothing bound together.

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