Setting Permissions

Harpreet Singh hsingh at
Mon Apr 17 17:48:37 GMT 2000

Hello All,

I have a question about setting group permissions on the Samba Server
on top of Solaris 2.6.

The question is: how do I assign permission so that one group called
STAFF has full permission on a folder called DOCS and another group
called SALES has Read Only access.

The Samba Server is part of the NT Domain. The way I set it up is
that I made two groups called Staff and Sales on the Solaris Machine running
Samba and added people to the group they belong.
Then using SWAT I gave read list = @sales and write list = @staff.

This works just fine when someone tries to access this docs share from the
NT side
but lets anyone right through when they mount this share from a Unix/Solaris

What do you suggest I do?

Any input will be appreciated.

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