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Wed Apr 19 14:59:42 GMT 2000

On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 07:51:19AM +1000, Chris Tooley wrote:
> Hello All:
> version.  However, I am wondering about the smbmount command.  Am I correct
> in remembering that this must be turned on at the time of compiling?  Also,
look at configure script, smbmount commented out, --with-smbmount don't work

> I tried to find some documentation in the source code but couldn't find any
> (I may have overlooked it).  I would really like to mount some shares and
> have my home directory on our SAMBA server get mounted to my home directory
> on my local machine.  So that I may "attempt" to run Outlook 98 as my mail
> client with WINE.
> Any help would be much appreciated.  Also I'd like to test my samba configs.
> I remember there being some discussion on here on running the "startx --
> :1,2,3,..." commands to start different X configurations (this by the way is
> how you would run a remote X terminal on a worstation).  However, does
> anyone know and could e-mail the filename to put xinit commands into for
> each session?  ie could I have a .xinitrc for each terminal so that when I
> startx on that screen it will start different applications?  I'm trying to
> automate starting up my different OS's with the use of VMWare.
> Thank you and I apologize for the off topic questions,
> Chris Tooley

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