Allow Users Only special PCs W9x / NT

Stephen Waters swaters at
Wed Sep 29 23:03:09 GMT 1999

David Bannon wrote:
> At 06:28 PM 29/09/1999 +1000, Dr. Dieter Becker wrote:
> >Sirs,
> >
> >I want to allow users only special PCs. As example:
> >user x should be allowed to logon at PCs a and b and c
> >but not at the other 50 PCs.
> >
> >W9x I don't have any user information in the environnement.
> Perhaps by creating groups under unix and then using preexec scripts to
> test if a logon was from someone in the appropriate group.... But your real
> problem will be stopping people from bypassing the logon on Win95 machines.
> 'Out of the box' win95 is not in any way secure, anyone can press 'cancel'
> button. There have been a number of suggestions on how to tighten win95
> logon security but they all come with a price (IMHO) that involves setup
> difficulties, convience when something goes wrong etc.

you can set up profiles and user the profile editor to restrict some
things like only allowing a person to log on if they've logged on to the
domain and whatnot. however, i have had some bad experiences w/ Win95
profile-downloading in the past. for some reason, it wouldn't see the
samba box and would load locally from time to time. YMMV, hopefully. :)


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