Allow Users Only special PCs W9x / NT

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Wed Sep 29 22:49:19 GMT 1999

At 06:28 PM 29/09/1999 +1000, Dr. Dieter Becker wrote:
>I want to allow users only special PCs. As example:
>user x should be allowed to logon at PCs a and b and c
>but not at the other 50 PCs. 
>W9x I don't have any user information in the environnement.

Perhaps by creating groups under unix and then using preexec scripts to
test if a logon was from someone in the appropriate group.... But your real
problem will be stopping people from bypassing the logon on Win95 machines.
'Out of the box' win95 is not in any way secure, anyone can press 'cancel'
button. There have been a number of suggestions on how to tighten win95
logon security but they all come with a price (IMHO) that involves setup
difficulties, convience when something goes wrong etc.

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