Problem inside a NT Domain.

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Sun Sep 26 15:58:16 GMT 1999

At 08:17 25/09/99 -0400, you wrote:
>BECKER Stéphane wrote:
>> Hi,
>> But there is still two problem I can't seems to solve :
>> - I've got a performance issue on every computer. Sometimes the computer
>> freeze for 5 or 10 seconds this was not happening before the connection of
>> the linux server. My guess is that every x minutes the connexion is
>> resetted and then the linux server must reidentificate the client by
>> sending his password to the NT server. This is quite disapointing, users
>> throwing rocks at me.
>> So If somebody has got an answer ...
>you give very little information on the linux box you're running, but let me
>Since you're from Germany I believe you're running SuSE, maybe 6.2?
Err no I am running a red hat v6.0, but your initial hypothesis is not
totally wrong since I am not german, I am only working in germany :)

>And you're having a 100m ethernet card, maybe Intel etherpro 100?
The computer configuration is
Pentium 133
64 Meg of ram
20gb IDE Hard Disk
3COM Fast Etherlink XL

quite low level but there is not so much activity on this computer.
In fact I partially solved the problem by changing on one computer
experiencing the problem the controll access from user-level to ressource. 

>Well then it may be the buggy driver that comes with SuSE which disconnects
>the linux box periodically from the net while on load. Get yourself the
>driver from /drivers/net/yourdriver.c (or so) from the official kernel (e.g.
>from, in case of the intel card having revision 1.06, compile it
>give it to the system and you should have solved the issue.....
>Other than that, I can't guess ...................


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