Printig with Samba Prealph 2.1 an NT

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Sat Sep 25 13:23:21 GMT 1999

NT Printig is not fully functional in 2.1alpha but I have heard the sounds
of people working on it. 
Works up to a point - adding printers and printing seems OK. Have you used the "Add Printer"
function in the Printers folder on the Samba 2.1 server from your workstation
to add the printer definition files to Samba?

Works better via LANMAN connections at the mo in my opinion, but establishing them 
is tricky..If they are already established with 2.0 on a workstation they continue to work 
but I couldn't find a way to make 2.1a "thunk back down" to LANMAN like 2.0 does.
I decided to keep printers on a separate server running 2.0...but things are changing all
the time :-)

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