Quota - Is there a way to use them? (Urgent)

J.A. Gutierrez spd at gtc1.cps.unizar.es
Fri Sep 24 08:35:39 GMT 1999

> (with the Windows Explorer) more files than allowed to the samba
> server I get an error on NT. When I do it with the "Windows Commander"
> I can copy as many files to the share as I want. I get an error but
> the file is created.

	seems like a bug in WC to me.
	With unix quotas, all you need to create an empty file is the
	space it takes as directory entry (a few bytes), so, unless
	the quota us fully exhausted, you can create it.

	Probably WC should notice it can finish the copy and remove
	the empty file...

> I Hope there is a way to fix the problem and someone can tell me how
> it will work.

	in fact, quota support on samba only is used (AFAIK) to inform
	the user (client) about the amount of space he can use; but
	the limit is performed by regular unix quota system. (so, you
	could compile samba w/o quota support and still users would be
	limited by quotas)

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