Quota - Is there a way to use them? (Urgent)

Andreas Abach Abach at LKT.Uni-Erlangen.de
Thu Sep 23 17:16:12 GMT 1999

I set up a samba client with the actual 2.05a. I'm using the
Debian-source and I compiled it with the -with-quotas option. I set up
quotas an the Linux Box (Debian potato) and it is working fine when I
use it direct on the shell. 
When I connect to the system from NT 4.0 SP5 with samba the size of
the share is shown correctly (x MB of Y MB free). When I try to copy
(with the Windows Explorer) more files than allowed to the samba
server I get an error on NT. When I do it with the "Windows Commander"
I can copy as many files to the share as I want. I get an error but
the file is created.
So I don't know if I did a wrong setup or if the samba-quota code
isn't ready for use. I really need this feature. There are no buildin
quotas in NT and I have got no time to wait until W2K is ready for

I Hope there is a way to fix the problem and someone can tell me how
it will work.


Linux 2.2.10
Samba 2.05a
Distribution: Debian Potato

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