NT machine account

tschweikle at FIDUCIA.de tschweikle at FIDUCIA.de
Thu Sep 23 16:42:51 GMT 1999

jonalee wrote:

> I want to set my Samba server as Domain PDC.
> I follow the following step to add my machine account to smbpasswd
> 1. Create an account called EE1$ (passwd is ee1)
> 2. use smbpasswd -a -m EE1
> When I want to change my domain to that Samber's domain, the error message
> popup on Windows NT WorkStation is "The machine account for this computer
> either does not exist or is inaccessiable"

Did you set "password server = domctrl" in your smb.conf? Had the same
error. Had a typo here. Got nearly crazy befor finding it...

You have to use NetBIOS names here. Not DNS or IP-Addresses!


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