Quota - Is there a way to use them? (Urgent)

Luis Claudio R. Goncalves nescau at akira.ucpel.tche.br
Fri Sep 24 12:44:00 GMT 1999


> When I connect to the system from NT 4.0 SP5 with samba the size of
> the share is shown correctly (x MB of Y MB free). When I try to copy
> (with the Windows Explorer) more files than allowed to the samba
> server I get an error on NT. When I do it with the "Windows Commander"
> I can copy as many files to the share as I want. I get an error but
> the file is created.

   When you reach the quota roof, the system stops writing (and shows the
error message you see). Your linux system fills the remaining file space
eith ZEROS, using a feature called "hole file system" (correct me if I'm
wrong...). If you compare the original file with the new one, you'll see
they aren't the same.
   I released a lill' patch, some time ago, that truncates the file size
when you reach the quota limit. If you can't find it in the SAMBA archive,
I'd be glad on sending it to you.

						Hope this helps,


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