Subnet & Directory for group

riani riani at
Thu Sep 23 01:07:42 GMT 1999

I have problem for client using subnet c class (192.168.70.x). I did set
samba with domain logon. But client who using subnet cannot login. my
smb.conf like :
hosts allow = 192.168.70. , 202.159.x.x
encryp password = yes
security = user
domain logon = yes
local master =yes
os level = 65
win server = 202.159.x.x
win proxy = yes
I have set client use WINS but fail login....

How to grup on unix write/modify direktory. I did set smb.conf, but
user abu, riani, group staff cannot modify or write file. Why...

 path = /home/public
 public = yes
 write list = abu, riani , @staff
 guest ok = yes
writable = yes
 printable = no

Thank's for your help

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