SAMBA pdc and ldap

Adam Williams awilliam at
Wed Sep 22 23:06:24 GMT 1999

On Sep 23,  3:09am, Seth Vidal wrote:
> Subject: SAMBA pdc and ldap
> I've read the smb-ldap howto that I was pointed at.
> I have a few questions regarding system integration with the unix side
> Is there any good way to keep my samba smbpasswd synced in the LDAP
> database synced with the unix user ldap entry?
> I'm attempting to make the LDAP database my one-time pass for all users
> and I'm trying to figure that part out.

I'm working on that right now too.

> when I attempt to ./configure --with-ldap on my system I get a
> configure summary failure.

Your using a glibc system and openldap?

Go into configure and change the  "$LIBS -lldap -llber" to "$LIBS -lresolv
-llber -lldap",  it is the only line that refers to "lber" so it is easy to
find.  Then it compiles and runs without any complaints.

> I got my sources from CVS yesterday.
> are there any known "better" revision dates in the CVS system?

I think they checked some ldap stuff in last night,  so I'd get a copy from

> I've consulted the mailing list archive on this and haven't found anything
> that had an answer. jerry carter has been immensely helpful in the PDC
> configuration but I am now wondering about the LDAP integration.

There is a smb-ldap howto,  wyou should be able to find the URL by digging
around in the archives.

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