SAMBA pdc and ldap

Mayers, P J p.mayers at
Wed Sep 22 18:33:48 GMT 1999

I'm doing the same thing here (one time password DB in LDAP)

The main problem I've found so far is that if the user already exists:

dn: uid=login, ou=DS, o=Org, c=UK
objectclass: posixAccount
uid: login


"smbpasswd -a" will fail because the entry already exists. Ideally I'd like
it to simply extend the existing entry (objectclass and so forth). I don't
want to have to replicate large portion of the ldap PWDB functionality from
the samba code.

I can't call "smbpasswd -a" first and then add the "objectclass:
posixAccount" because I'm using NSS/PAM_LDAP, and if the posixAccount entry
doesn't exist, the user effectively doesn't exist on the system...

Any ideas? Alternatively how do I go about getting a CVS account };o)


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Subject: SAMBA pdc and ldap

I've read the smb-ldap howto that I was pointed at.

I have a few questions regarding system integration with the unix side

Is there any good way to keep my samba smbpasswd synced in the LDAP
database synced with the unix user ldap entry?

I'm attempting to make the LDAP database my one-time pass for all users
and I'm trying to figure that part out.

when I attempt to ./configure --with-ldap on my system I get a
configure summary failure.

I got my sources from CVS yesterday.
are there any known "better" revision dates in the CVS system?

I've consulted the mailing list archive on this and haven't found
that had an answer. jerry carter has been immensely helpful in the PDC
configuration but I am now wondering about the LDAP integration.



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