NIS maps and logon path.

Doug VanLeuven roamdad at
Thu Sep 23 05:12:39 GMT 1999

I did this using the CVS HEAD branch, but don't have access
to my conf's & maps today.  Can you up the log level so we find out
what home directory syntax yeilded null?

Jonas Oberg wrote:

> hi,
> I've been tinkering some with the latest Samba from the CVS archive
> and making it run as an NT domain server. I should say that it worked
> much better than I had anticipated. That is; until I ran into problems
> with the logon path.
> What I'd like to do is to have all profiles on the same server as Samba,
> but have the Windows NT 4.0 clients mount H: from other machines, let's
> call them HSERVER1 and HSERVER2.  In order to do this, I installed
> /etc/auto.home with the following contents;
> user1   HSERVER1:/foo
> user2   HSERVER2:/foo
> I exported it with NIS and I can do this, which makes me assume that
> all is well;
> $ ypcat auto.home
> HSERVER1:/foo
> HSERVER2:/foo
> Then I put this down in smb.conf;
>    domain logons = yes
>    logon path = \\%L\Profiles\%U
>    nis homedir = yes
>    homedir map = auto.home
>    logon drive = H:
>    logon home = \\%N\%U
> This, unfortunately, does not work (profiles work just fine, but H:
> never gets mounted). The error I've caught in log.client is;
> [1999/09/22 18:28:15, 3] smbd/service.c:find_service(108)
>   checking for home directory  gave (NULL)
> As per other recommendations on this list and others, I've made sure
> that my Samba daemons are compiled with libnsl and the options required
> (which wasn't autodetected on a Debian unstable system).
> Any ideas as to what is wrong with this setup?
> Jonas

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