LDAP and Samba (was NIS maps and logon path.)

Jonas Oberg jonas at coyote.org
Thu Sep 23 12:41:54 GMT 1999

Doug VanLeuven <roamdad at ibm.net> writes:

> I did this using the CVS HEAD branch, but don't have access
> to my conf's & maps today.  Can you up the log level so we find out
> what home directory syntax yeilded null?

I have both debug level and log level at 65535, then I tried with
20/10 too because I think those were the maximum values. I can't
get it to output any more valuable information.

However; I'm beginning to think that getting all information from
an LDAP server is the Right Thing<tm> to do, but that too gives
some slight problems.

I installed OpenLDAP and then compiled Samba using --with-ldap.
I then put these entries in smb.conf;

> ldap suffix = "o=FOO, c=SE"
> ldap server = localhost
> ldap bind as = "cn=Manager, o=FOO, c=SE"
> ldap passwd file = /usr/local/samba/private/ldappasswd

Then I added a smbpasswd for myself and the NT workstation which
worked just fine. My LDAP entry looks like this;

> uid=jor, o=FOO, c=SE
> objectclass=sambaAccount
> uid=jor
> uidnumber=1000
> ntuid=jor
> rid=3e9
> lmpassword=76645E5DE00BB63B1D71060D896B7A46
> ntpassword=FA59EB35F0AA6A87556D6E67393809BD
> pwdlastset=37EA031D
> acctflags=[U          ]
> homedrive=H
> smbhome=\\jor\jor
> profile=\\jor\Profiles\jor

I can see in the log.computer log that it does in fact read the homeDrive,
smbHome and Profile settings from LDAP, but for some reason, nothing is
mounted on the NT workstation. Not even the profile directory. If I add
logon drive = H:
in smb.conf, then it mounts my homedirectory on the Samba server (jor)
perfectly fine, but I would much like to have it mount directories from
another server, not necessarily jor.

I've verified by changing the password in the LDAP database that it does
in fact read my password settings, user ID and all other parameters from
the LDAP database. But somewhy it ignores homeDrive, smbHome and Profile.
(Or rather.. the NT workstation does say that the profile that's used is
the Profile from the server (and not a local one), but normally I can see
the Profile directory mounted as E: or whatever, but I don't do that).


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