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Tue Sep 21 15:05:45 GMT 1999

On Mon 20 Sep, Rafa³ Szcze¶niak wrote:

> Cynthia La Vigne wrote:

> > [SNIP - as the snipped bits have been answered]

> > Does my samba server have to be my PDC or is it possible for my PDC to
> > be an NT machine and just have the username.dat files reside on my samba
> > server?

 NT PDC and Profiles (i.e. user.dat and 'the rest') on a SAMBA machine is 
 possible. I presume?? you mean for Windows 9X machines, as for NT 
 workstations, doing this is intuitive.
 [For Windows 9X machines]
 Whatever path you use for the Users Directory in the User Manager on the 
 PDC will be used for Profiles. We have a NT PDC, with user Directories 
 and Profiles on a SAMBA Server. We  keep these seperate by exporting 
 the 'homes' share under a different share name, then use a Logon script 
 to map that share to a drive on the client machines.
 IMO the way Networked Profiles are handled by Win9X machines is messy.
 Controlling them is even messier. 

   Hendrik den Hartog- Pasadena Intermediate School- Auckland- NZ

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