Roaming Profiles

Rafał Szcześniak rfs at
Mon Sep 20 14:47:37 GMT 1999

Cynthia La Vigne wrote:
> Can someone please direct me to the site which will tell me how to set
> up roaming profiles using samba.  I have read numerous discussions
> regarding problems that users are having but haven't found anything on
> how to set it up from the start.
> Does my samba server have to be my PDC or is it possible for my PDC to
> be an NT machine and just have the username.dat files reside on my samba
> server?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Cynthia La Vigne
> clavigne at

Q1. Instructions "step by step" you'll find in your samba source
    subtree ./doc/textdocs/DOMAIN.txt and ./doc/textdocs/DOMAIN_CONTROL.txt
Q2. Your samba box can be PDC and domain member. Basic information about
    this topic are in ./doc/textdocs/DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt

Additional information are available at NT-DOMAIN FAQ:
(choose your closest mirror :))

greetings :)

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