account unknown - question 4.2.1

Dave Batt dab at
Mon Sep 20 14:06:53 GMT 1999 - question 4.2.1.

I've got a PC running NT4 SP5 with roaming profile, using a Unix server
acting as the PDC running solaris 2.6 and samba 2.05a with encripted

When I log in as user ECSUG/void95 I get my profile from the PDC, but  
when I look in controlpanel\system\userprofile I can see
"name=account unknown, type=roaming" for void95's profile.
I know everything works if I use a NT server as the PDC.

I need to be able to resolve the account so that the fingerd
service in Exceed 6.1 will recognise a logged in user.

Is this a fault detailed in question 4.2.1?
Is this another fault or am I doing something else wrong ?


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