NT printing code - spoolss?

Jean Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at dalalu.fr
Thu Sep 16 16:09:00 GMT 1999

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 Dave.Stevenson at durham.ac.uk wrote:

> CVS 2.1.xprealpha
> Having fun at the bleeding edge but...
> has anyone managed to make the printer queue display "refresh" other
> than by hitting the refresh button? I can print, refresh manually etc
> etc OK but doesn't seem to update itself. 

I haven't still written the code. Warning: It's more complex than what you

> printers connected via a local port with \\server\printer_name seem to
> work fine and periodically refresh. 
> Guess one is locally managed and monitored but the other is done by samba.

yep the spooling is done by the NT workstation

> Is there queue monitoring stuff in place in the NT/spoolss code yet?
> If so can someone point me to it, and to the LANMAN equivalent I'd
> be interested.

Not done, but I have the ideas and some draft code.

> UNIX printers are remote ... if that may be a factor? ie jobs disappear
> very quickly so queues are nearly always empty - lpq cache time is 10
> secs

Not a factor. It'll work fine with LRPng. It would be a big hack to make
it run with BSD or SysV printing system. 

And any sane person use LPRng already :-))) No ????

> NT4 SP3 though SP5

There is a known bug (at least by me) with SP5.

	Jean Francois

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