Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Tue Oct 12 01:09:34 GMT 1999

> Pdc election is not handled by os, if a pdc fails a bdc has to be promoted
but I can cause Samba to foist itself upon others via infecting election
"results" or worse two PDC's that come on at different times have been
known to collapse one another.

I've seen this occur.

3 LANs - no connections all have the same DOMAIN name and 3 different
along comes a WAN link for all of them.
ALL 3 shutdown and their SAM's got zapped.
So explain what happened there if the OS didn't go crazy.

> manually by administrator. If you are the administrator of a network before
> you put a new service in production you test it , if you are not the
> administrator, you have no business putting a new server in production on
> the network. 
this is funny.
That's not exactly what I'd call a secure system, counting on someone not
doing something.

There is a very good reason why you specify your DNS servers in


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