Corporate Reactions to Linux (fwd)

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Tue Oct 12 01:03:25 GMT 1999

Pdc election is not handled by os, if a pdc fails a bdc has to be promoted
manually by administrator. If you are the administrator of a network before
you put a new service in production you test it , if you are not the
administrator, you have no business putting a new server in production on
the network. If you want to tinker, build a test network
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>> I propose that Samba implements a solution this problem. It's
>> not good to have it this way for a number of reasons.
>> Simply refusing to start the PDC when there already exists
>> a PDC on the network for the same domain seems like a
>> logical solution.
>> NT seems to work this way sometimes. I'm not sure about this
>> particular case though.
>I think this is probably a bad idea.
>If I want to setup samba as "in charge" of a network I can do a variety
>of things:
>1. Wait for the PDC to crash or be rebooted and bring up the PDC then.
>I'm in charge and HARD as hell to find. - and the real NT PDC will
>probably throw a fit.
>2. Start up a DHCP server and become the DHCP server, then tell the hosts
>that I am their WINS server and infect the WINS cache saying the Samba
>server is PDC and in charge.
>So samba wins again.
>the ultimate solution to this problem is relatively simple but hard to get
>ditch elections.
>they are evil.
>computer networks should be authoritarian.
>the admin places some server(s) in charge and everyone obeys them nicely.

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