Workaround for User Access Control limitation in Samba & Win98 CLients?

Iskandar Leonardi IskandarL at
Tue Oct 12 09:20:55 GMT 1999

Hi, I would like to share printers and files on a Win98 machine, (using
SAMBA 2.03 as a Domain controller for authentication, on Red Hat 6.0). I
have tried to do this unsuccessfully and had searched the FAQ and found the
following section on User Access Control.


User Access Control

> In windows when i set up a share in "user mode" i get the message:
>  "You cannot view the list of users at this time. Please try again later."
> I know you have lists of users for access and aliasing purposes, but i
> have read nothing to support the idea that these lists control the Domain
> Users List...

Samba does NOT at this time support user mode access control for
Window 9x although we hope to support it in an upcoming release.


I was wondering if support has been implemented or someone has got a
workaround for this without losing the user level access on the Win98
machine. Any help is deeeply appreciated.

Thank you

IskandarL at

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