Creating a new printer

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Fri Oct 1 06:41:55 GMT 1999

If you are browsing the printers box on the samba server, the Add Printer
"Wizard" thingy seems to work OK for me if...

1/ I make sure permissions on the  %sambaroot%/lib  directory are open enough
try a 777 and work down :-))
2/ The printer "port" is already defined in smb.conf
3/ You have a \\MYSERVER\print$ share on the server with a w32x86 directory
   (assuming intel based workstation)
   but I found no way to make LANMAN type connections, though as you say, old
   LANMAN connections established under 2.0.x still work. I ended up running
   printers from a different ,2.0.5 based server.
> The current version cvs won't let us make a new network printer port on an
> NT, up until recently we could make one and connect to it like a win95. Now
> we get "Could not connect to the printer: Unknown error" and see reference
> to :
> get_a_printer_2(785) cannot open printer file.......NTPrinter_messenger
> NULL pointer, memory not allocated
> in the logs.
> Printers that had their ports created before installing this samba version
> still work, but we cannot connect a new port.  Win95 will connect without
> difficulties as before.
> Is this the problem Jean-Francois Micouleau is working on in his posts
> about spoolss ?
> Any suggestions ?
> David
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