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all this thread only apply to the HEAD branch of Samba. aka

> If you are browsing the printers box on the samba server, the Add Printer
> "Wizard" thingy seems to work OK for me if...
> 1/ I make sure permissions on the  %sambaroot%/lib  directory are open enough
> try a 777 and work down :-))

users adding printers on the samba server need (read+write) rights. 
Usually that's only the administrator. 

all users need (read) right.

In the future I'll move the printer description files from %sambaroot%/lib
to %sambaroot%/lib/printers as default.

You can already do it by adding to smb.conf:

        nt forms file = /usr/local/samba/lib/printers/ntforms.def
        nt printer driver = /usr/local/samba/lib/printers

> 2/ The printer "port" is already defined in smb.conf

yep. Under samba a printer entry is a share. Under NT a printer is a port.
So every samba printer shares appear as ports under NT.

A warning here, the [printers] share is not supported right now, you have
to define all your printers in smb.conf to use them.

> 3/ You have a \\MYSERVER\print$ share on the server with a w32x86 directory
>    (assuming intel based workstation)

that's the only one supported. I don't have any NT alpha server to check
that case.

4/ To upload printers to an Samba server, click on NN -> samba server ->
printers -> add printer

5/ when done, go in the print properties and default document values,
check all the values and click on OK to confirm. Don't click on Cancel
even if you haven't changed any values.

6/ you can add printers on the workstations

This should work with most printer models. I'm aware it's not working with
the HP laserjet 4, i didn't have time to reproduce it.

Things that are know to don't work:

- The automatic refresh of the printer window when submitting jobs
- moving printers from one port to another
- Since NT4 SP5, MS have changed some fields in the rpc code, I haven't
had time to check that
- NT2K won't probably work

Bonus for people using lprng:

if you define in smb.conf:

        print command=/usr/local/bin/lpr -r -P%p -J"%j" %s

your jobs will have their correct names (MS WORD - untitled1.Doc) showing
with the lpq command or in the printer window.

You can stop/start/delete jobs (if you have to right too)
You can stop/start print queues (if you have the right too)

	Jean Francois

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