Domain Admin, 2.05?

ard at ard at
Fri Oct 1 06:05:05 GMT 1999

Hi all,
I have no troubles setting up samba-cvs or samba-2.05.
But I noticed the following when I add machines to the domain,
and boot up the client: an entry of [domain_name]\{some unknown person}
(The domain administrator). This looks extremely nice, since I'm
looking for a way to remotely "administer" the NT-machines using the
rpcclient-cvs version (besides some warnings, it works).

So this is the question:
Who is this unknown-person, and how do I become it within 2.05 set up
as a PDC?
I want to be part of the local-administrator group as soon as the 
machine is added to the domain.

And next:
Does anybody can give me a hint where to dig in the rpc-client code
to not only obtain the software-logs, but all logs. Especially system.

Just to make it clear: I do not need the PDC functionality to add to
the functionality from the NT-box. I only need it to make automated
maintainence of NT-box more easy. This means: if somebody calls:
do an rpcclient eventlog, and finished. Or somehow script that some
registry settings will be changed without user intervention.

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