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Glenn MacGregor gtm at
Wed Nov 24 15:11:37 GMT 1999

Seth Vidal wrote:

> > > read the samba-nt-dom faq.
> > >
> > > its pretty much explained word by word.
> > > if you need more help I can send you my smb.conf's and also my nt registry
> > > edits
> >
> > I have read the faq, and still couldn't get it to work.  I am running samba
> > 2.0.6.  Can you send me the conf files and tell me what reg changes needed to
> > be made.
> you can't be doing it if you're running 2.0.6.
> you need 2.1 prealpha
> and read the nt-dom faq.
> -sv

I am now running 2.1 prealpha.  I seem to be having the same problem.  Everytime I
login I get the welcome to Windows NT screen and the window options I set (show
toolbar) are not set anymore.  But If I add something to the desktop it stayes
between logins.  Can you send me your conf files and reg changes.  I have followed
the faq closely.

        Thanks for all your help



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