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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Nov 24 14:23:40 GMT 1999

Glenn MacGregor wrote:
> I am now running 2.1 prealpha.  I seem to be having 
> the same problem.  Everytime I login I get the welcome 
> to Windows NT screen and the window options I set (show
> toolbar) are not set anymore.  But If I add something 
> to the desktop it stayes between logins.  Can you send 
> me your conf files and reg changes.  I have followed
> the faq closely.

Delete the ntuser.dat file from your profile directory
on the server while you are logged out.  Try again.  Should 
reset things.  The problem sounds like NT cannot write to 
the user portion of the registry due to a SID issue.
Do you get error messages when you try

	net use /persistent:no


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