PDC and Policies

Sellaro sellaro at lia.ufc.br
Tue Nov 23 18:16:11 GMT 1999

Hi there, folks.

Sorry if this is a "look-at-FAQ" question, but I realy didn't find
anything about setting up NT Policies using a Samba as PDC. I mean, I
didn't find clear resources about setting up policies.

My questions are:

1. Since I don't have a NT Server running in my network, how do I edit the

2. I've edited a set of policies using a box out of my network (with
Policy Editor) and saved it as NTPolicy.pol. I've also transfered that
file to my Samba PDC and I've putted it in netlogon share. But... nothing.
I realy suspect that I cannot use Policy editor from other machines,

3. If possible, a ste-by-step guide (did anyone of you thought about a PDC

Thnak you in advance.


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Network Administrator - Departamento de Computacao - UFC

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