Profiles, again

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Tue Nov 23 17:20:45 GMT 1999

> Sorry about the second post.  Does anyone know how to get roaming
> profiles working using samba as a PDC for NT 4.0 workstations.  I have
> put the location of the roaming profile in under user manager on NT
> (\\server\profiles\username).  I know it is not going there debause I
> can change it to something that is not there (\\server\test\test1) and I
> get no error message anywhere, samba or NT.  Can someone point me in the
> rigth direction on doing this.

read the samba-nt-dom faq.

its pretty much explained word by word.
if you need more help I can send you my smb.conf's and also my nt registry

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