Samba as PDC with NT and Win95/98

Ulrike Baumgaertel-Ehrlicher GRUPPE_PLANWERK at
Thu Nov 11 14:20:51 GMT 1999

Hello, does anyone has experience with the following problem?

i have set up samba as a pdc (and wins-server, dhcp-server etc.) and it
seemed to work well...except one problem:

i need different volumes on the win95/98 clients and some NT
workstations to be accessible for all users.

it works, as long as the nt-workstations are in a workgroup 'cad' and
the win95/98 clients log on to the samba domain 'planwerk'. 
when i tried to integrate the nt workstations also into the domain, it
works, but they can't get access to the win95/98 shares (access denied),
and the win95/98 clients can't get access to the nt workstations.

I'm using samba 2.05a, NT SP5, Win95/98, encrypted passwd enabled etc.
everything else seemed to work fine... is there some big difference
between nt and win9X (certainly) which disturbes my peaceful network

i'm happy for every idea i get....:)

Karsten Denkler
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