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Ah... asi24h ??

No conozco tu nombre pero voy a ayudarte si lo puedo.  Voy a escribir en
inglés por que mi español es un poco mal.

What version of NT are you using?
If you are trying to add a NT Workstation or Server to a Samba domain where
the Samba server is acting as a PDC, you need to do it in the following way:

1.  Make sure the NT machine to add is not currently in the Samba DOMAIN.
Move it to a temporary WORKGROUP and reboot the machine.
2.  Add a user account with 'adduser NTMACHINE$', for example, if your
machine is called 'WINDOZE1', do an 'adduser WINDOZE1$'.
3.  Then use smbpasswd to add the machine account:  smbpasswd -a -m WINDOZE1
(no $ sign).
4.  Then on the NT machine, join the domain.

The above should work, but some things to check if it doesn't:

1.  If you're using NT4 SP3 or later, make sure you've got password
encryption set on in Samba.
2.  Make sure that there is a WINS server, either point BOTH the NT box and
the Samba server at your NT WINS server and make sure they are added in WINS
Manager or set 'wins support=yes' on your Samba box and point your NT box
3.  Have 'domain logons' set to 'yes' and 'security' set to 'user' in your
Samba configuration.

I think you're probably better off running version 2.1 to do this but
someone else will probably disagree.

Hope that helps,


Mike Harris,
Psand España.

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> I tried to create machine acount in a samba PDC like smbdomain faq say,
> but It doesn´t works.
> My samba version is 2.0.5a
> What is the problem???
> Thanks if anybody can help me

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