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I also did that and it worked. If you have 95 clients, you just need to
enable the netlogon share and enable domain logons in the smb.conf file. If
yiou have NT clients.. then ..

Try this.
First, create an smbpasswd file by using

Cat /etc/passwd | > /etc/smbpasswd

It's correct for my system because for me both files are in /etc. just
replace the path fi you want a different path. Or else, create it anywhere
you like and use symlink (IMO, this is not a good way and I don't recommend

Then,  add an entry to the passwd file. (for your workstation. Remember to
include the dollar sign ($) behind the workstati0on name. Eg. Workstation1$

Next, add the machind account using smbpasswd command. Smbpasswd -a -m
machine_name (this time you don't need to add the $ sign.) btw the -a means
add a user and -m means it is a machine acct.

Next, go to the network control panel in NT. Change the machine name and the
domain name. You should get  a message "welcome to foo domain." Remember
*not* to create use the create an account on the machine feature as that
does not work yet.

Hope that helps.

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I tried to create machine acount in a samba PDC like smbdomain faq say,
but It doesn´t works.

My samba version is 2.0.5a

What is the problem???

Thanks if anybody can help me

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