NT PDC & Samba

Peter Köhler koehler at idas.de
Wed Nov 10 11:39:07 GMT 1999


sorry to hear the bad news. Since my starting point was a
working configuration in our environment, we will have to
look for other differences. What I can think of is:

smbpasswd - should be an empty file

NT users - should be logged on into the domain,
                 __not__ on their local workstation domain

Our NT administrator can use the NT Server Manager to see
the properties of the Samba server, he can also see subproperties
such as users and used resources Other queries, however,
lead to protocol errors and/or crashes of the Server Manager Tool.
But thats probably a minor issue.

You should also have a look at the Samba Server Log File __and__
the Event Log File of the Domain Controller and see what
they say.

Just to make sure that there is no conflict between unix
file modes and user rights you might try a special share with
teh force user setting (and your special settings):

   comment = Test
   browseable = yes
   read only = no
   create mode = 770
   path = <your path>
   valid users = <your NT-User>
   force user = <your Unix-User>

Good luck

Best regards

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