logon servers with both NT and Samba

Lanny Baron lnb at cybertouch.org
Mon Nov 1 06:20:54 GMT 1999

Would someone please explain if you have an NT server running and you 
have say 2 FreeBSD/Samba boxes and a few 98 machines, can one of the 
Samba boxes be a logon server? If the answer is no, then what would you do 
in the case of having multiple NT servers for netlogon. 

The reason I ask is this. I am a student in an MCSE program and as well run 
Samba on the FreeBSD platform. So I have not had the opportunity to work 
for a company where situations like this may or may not ocure. 

I use NT for dial-ups that I provide and for setting policy for different users 
(just to learn policy for 98/nt course) but I use one Samba box for the users 
/home/user  for thier personal files and for their own web sites. I have noticed 
though in the user manager for domains on NT, in the policy part, where  you 
put logon to: i have it set to \\freedom\%username%  which translates to 
machine freedom /home/user. When I saw a logon for myself I noticed that it 
put directories such as application  Cookies  Desktop....why is it putting 
those directories there? All I want it to do is be able to have the users be 
able to use z:\  as thier personal private dir. Is there anyway of doing this?

My current smb.conf for that machine (freedom) is set to domain logons = 
No  but yet as explained above, the dir's are put on the unix server.

I am totally confused.

Thanks for reading this and thank you in advance for any help you may offer.


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