Adding NT4 to Samba Domain

Kevin Colby kevinc at
Mon Nov 1 00:52:14 GMT 1999

Matthias Wächter wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, Greisberger Christophe wrote:
> > Yes, you are right, I did not read the description of security=domain
> > The name was so explicit that I didn't even think it could be false.
> > Thank you.
> May I renew my vote for renaming this parameter's various options
> to more descriptive ones?

I've heard this conversation many times, and I understand the
reluctance to change parameter names that are already in so
much documentation.

Perhaps this could be addressed more simply.  By adding an
alias for security mode "user" named "pdc", or something
along those lines.  Then, when someone sees the choices of:
"share, user, domain, pdc", they would be more likely to
choose the right one.  If nothing else, the presence of
another domain-like possibility might make them read more

This doesn't disturb any of the existing documentation, and
would cause far less confusion than a complete renaming.
Best of all, the code impact would be minimal.


	- Kevin Colby
	  kevinc at

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