logon servers with both NT and Samba

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Mon Nov 1 06:37:39 GMT 1999

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> Subject: logon servers with both NT and Samba
> Hello,
> Would someone please explain if you have an NT server running and you 
> have say 2 FreeBSD/Samba boxes and a few 98 machines, can one of the 
> Samba boxes be a logon server? If the answer is no, then what 
> would you do 
> in the case of having multiple NT servers for netlogon. 

So as in having an NT PDC and samba BDCs, or a SAMBA PDC and NT BDCs?  

> The reason I ask is this. I am a student in an MCSE program 
> and as well run 
> Samba on the FreeBSD platform. So I have not had the 
> opportunity to work 
> for a company where situations like this may or may not ocure. 

Get a cheap Pentium class box for home, stick some ram in it (32 min, 64 for
comfort) and run NT to learn on.  (not that I'm advocating using NT, but
it's a good thing to know)

> I use NT for dial-ups that I provide and for setting policy 
> for different users 
> (just to learn policy for 98/nt course) but I use one Samba 
> box for the users 
> /home/user  for thier personal files and for their own web 
> sites. I have noticed 
> though in the user manager for domains on NT, in the policy 
> part, where  you 
> put logon to: i have it set to \\freedom\%username%  which 
> translates to 
> machine freedom /home/user. When I saw a logon for myself I 
> noticed that it 
> put directories such as application  Cookies  Desktop....why 
> is it putting 
> those directories there? All I want it to do is be able to 
> have the users be 
> able to use z:\  as thier personal private dir. Is there 
> anyway of doing this?

Yeah, check out the information on the 'homes' share, that does exactly what
you're talking about.  Warning, you can't do the same thing on NT unless
you're a scripting wizzard, and have some tools that DON'T COME WITH NT!  I
just spent a bunch of time doing this, and it sucked.  Oh, BTW, if anybody
wants to see how it's done, let me know, I've got all the scripts.  

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