Example of PDC smb.conf and login scripts in CVS ?

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Fri May 21 11:42:38 GMT 1999

alister air schrieb:
> At 18:09 21/05/99 +1000, Michael Glauche wrote:
> >        domain group map = /etc/domaingroup.map
> >        domain user map = /etc/domainuser.map
> Have you got examples of such maps?  I've had problems allowing existing NT
> users access to the samba server... the server appears fine, and I've
> conencted it to the domain easily enough, but exisitng NT users can't
> access it... and I couldn't using the root password.
> My server's not a PDC or BDC... it's just a member of the domain.

Only got experience with samba (2.1 Head CVS) as PDC, and
# more /etc/domaingroup.map
admin="Domain Admins"

works perfectly fine here. I.e. all users in unix group admin have NT
administrator rights on NT WS.


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