Example of PDC smb.conf and login scripts in CVS ?

Adrian Goins monachus at dimensional.com
Fri May 21 23:13:49 GMT 1999

Quoting Michael Glauche (mg at plum.de):
> Only got experience with samba (2.1 Head CVS) as PDC, and
> # more /etc/domaingroup.map
> admin="Domain Admins"
> works perfectly fine here. I.e. all users in unix group admin have NT
> administrator rights on NT WS.

if you don't want full admin rights for a specific user but wish to give
them rights to a certain machine (local admin rights), you can also do

boot up the NT box
log into the _box_ (not the domain)
open User Manager for Domains
select the Administrator (local) group
select Add
select Search
select "Search Only In..." and the domain of your samba box
type in the username
when it finds it, select 'Add'

the user DOMAIN\username is now in the local administrator group and can
modify the local machine.  if they move to another machine, they won't
have admin rights there.

(this works with NT as well, btw, if any of you ever need it)

>     Michael

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