PDC + unix password sync

Frederic Lejal fl at infodesign.net
Tue May 18 13:02:27 GMT 1999

Hi Alexander,

"Alexander Dubielczyk"  ( Tue, 18 May 1999 ) :
> Perhaps the only problem is that i do not understand the right way
> this option should work. I added a user via smbpasswd and he gets
> access to the domain, but if i change the password on the unix
> shell for this user, the domain password stays the old one.

This is the opposite : when the user changes his smb password, then
the Unix password is also modified, using the application you
specified in the "passwd program" parameter.

Adding a new user seems a little bit tricky. Here is how I do it :
1. Add your Unix user ;
2. Disable the unix sync in smb,conf ;
3. Add the smb user using smbpasswd, with his current Unix password (so they  
are sync.);
4. Enable the unix sync in smb.conf ;

Then, the user can modify both unix & smb passwords by using
smbpasswd. Is there another way to do it (without disabling/enabling
unix sync in smb.conf) ?

best regards
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