PDC + unix password sync

Alexander Dubielczyk alexdu at sl1.nrh.de
Tue May 18 10:17:06 GMT 1999


I tried to setup a PDC based on Samba 2.0.3 and a Suse 6.0 
distribution in the last days. Everything seems to work great, but i 
have some trouble with the 'unix password sync' option in the 
smb.conf. I set this option to 'Yes', but it does not seem to have 
any effect. :-(

Perhaps the only problem is that i do not understand the right way 
this option should work. I added a user via smbpasswd and he gets 
access to the domain, but if i change the password on the unix 
shell for this user, the domain password stays the old one.

Another question i have is, if it is really necessary to add every 
single domain user to the domain by using smbpasswd. Isn't it 
possible to use the linux passwd file and let him automatically add 
all users from a defined group?

      Alex (AlexDu at Nrh.De)

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