PDC + unix password sync

Alexander Dubielczyk alexdu at sl1.nrh.de
Tue May 18 14:35:51 GMT 1999

Hi Frederic!

> > Perhaps the only problem is that i do not understand the right way
> > this option should work. I added a user via smbpasswd and he gets
> > access to the domain, but if i change the password on the unix
> > shell for this user, the domain password stays the old one.

> This is the opposite : when the user changes his smb password, then
> the Unix password is also modified, using the application you
> specified in the "passwd program" parameter.

[...] Yes, I already thought so. Although the opposite would be 
much more interesting for me. I wanted to use the Linux System 
as a Fileserver for Windows Workstations. The users there should 
not come in contact with the unix shell. So I wanted to to make 
them change their passwords through Webmin or a similar system.
But those systems only support the change of the standard unix 
accounts. :-(

I hope it will soon be possible to change the passwords and user 
configuration with client tools from windows.

> Then, the user can modify both unix & smb passwords by using
> smbpasswd. Is there another way to do it (without disabling/enabling
> unix sync in smb.conf) ?

Don't know, but I will do some tests with this option today and will 
notice you when i found out something new.

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