Password changing problems.

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Wed Mar 3 04:30:22 GMT 1999

I have been chasing a problem with changing password (via NTws), I believe
a number of other people have experienced to same thing. Luke said he
thinks there is some sort of memory overrun but is pushed for time at present.

I have traced back the problem but am having some time problems myself...
Maybe someone who is familiar with the principle behind samba password
stuff can point me in the right direction.

I have found that it always seems to default to the Lanman password
protocol (in password.c/password_ok(..). The first time you try to change
passwd after resetting with smbpasswd it works (using LM) but a second
attempt always fails because the NTHASH has been set to all XXXX..

Am I right in saying that NTHASH method should work first time ?
Should using the LMHash blank the NTHash ? (looks like it is meant to.)

I am connecting with a NTsp3 to a linux 5.1 and have been seeing the
problem  for the last couple of week's versions.

Any suggestions ??

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