NT Roaming profile problem

Nicholas Waltham nick at wwf.org.co
Wed Mar 3 04:20:46 GMT 1999

I have recently moved over a large number of accounts from a Windows NT
server to a Linux Samba 2.02 server. I have noticed a problem with the
Windows NT roaming profiles. I have the profile directory set to
\\%N\%U\profile (even though it says I shouldn't but net use u: /home maps
the wrong place under 95/98 if I use the the suggested \\%N\profiles\%U ).
Once I have created a profile, and then logged out, when I log bak in again,
I can change no preference, nothing at all. I cannot map drives either. Why
is this? Do I have something to do with sharing set wrong in the server?

Thanks in advance,
Nicholas Waltham

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