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Tue Jul 20 12:55:10 GMT 1999

     I've had no problems so far using roving profiles from my Netlogon

On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Hendrik den Hartog wrote:

> Hello
>  Apologies for yet again returning to this list. Being a teacher,
>  I appreciate /and/ need technical help
>  For Profiles on Win95/98 - If I've understood this correctly, if using 
>  roving profiles, these can only be stored in the users HOME directory,
>  and not in a seperate Profile share? Is this right?
>  When using 2,0,3 [i.e. not the head branch source], and using SAMBA as
>  PDC, when using user level security on the Win98 machines and setting
>  to Share a Directory from the Win98 client - should I be able to 'see' 
>  a list of users whom I can 'Add' to give access to the Share?
>  If no, any work-arounds? Does it work with the branch code?
>  Cheers!
>  Hendrik
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